Black Payback 19 And Already A Hoe

She’s 19 years old and is already a ‘hoe. Just watch as she gets down on her knees sucking on a big black cock. She gets a rough throat fucking like a true whore, then gets her pussy pounded before her face gets covered in a creamy load of jizz.

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Black Payback White Passing

A Mexican-lookin’ ho’ can deep throat a dick on BlackPayback. Watch her get face fucked then takes the black dick up her ass throughout the entire scene before taking a messy cumshot to the face.

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Black Payback Macho Hoe

Watch as this white whore gets on her knees and deep throats the black cock. She starts to spew all over as the cock hit the back of her throat over and over. She then bends over to expose her tight pussy and gets pounded from behind before taking a load to her pretty face.

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Black Payback Jen Psucki

You know what I cant stand? A bitch that think she too good to do what every white bitch in America do: take black dick. From the gate, she was acting like she was better than my squad. She walked in, saw the black crew and had a look on her face like she was lost on a Spike Lee set! Jovan put it down, of course. Made the hoe high five the golden leaves and get RIGHT on them chocolate salty balls! She thought she was too good to earl on camera, but we made sure she wasn’t gone get off that easy. Her pussy get that creamy white stuff all on it too. Da bitch said it WAS the biggest cock she ever had in her pussyhole tho. Anyway, fuck this bitch.

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Black Payback Shucky Ducky

Okay bitch, so you got balloon titties. Fuck yo titties, how good can you suck a dick tho?! Can you give that good sauce on this black dick tho? This is what I told the hoe while she was sittin on my couch, wit that good sun roof on her face. Van came in wit that heat, stuffin cock RIGHT in her grill, he was even slappin her up real nice. It was gettin too hot under my sun roof, so we brought that hoe upstairs were we straight up RAN through her holes. She even sucked off the camera man! It’s a party in her face and er’body cumin. That’s a good bitch, right thurr!

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Black Payback Lazy Whore

Here is a cute whore but she’s lazy af. She opens up her mouth and gets her throat completely destroyed all the way past to her tonsils. Her throat was fucked in all different angles, messing up that pretty face of hers with slobber and spit.  After taking the throat invasion by a black cock, she spreads her legs and is nailed hard in her pussy. She took a good pounding and that tight pussy was toppled by a big thrusting cock. Then she gets her face all drenched in spit and cum.

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Black Payback 2 Nasty Whores

Here are the two nastiest whores on BlackPayback brought together for a scene and deep throats Richard Mann’s cock on BlackPayback. Their throats get stuffed so deep, causing them to throw up in each other’s mouths. They licked man ass and gets fucked hard in the pussy before taking a creamy load to their faces.

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Black Payback The Main Event

There is no limit to what this whore could do in front of the camera. This scene is proof, just watch as she takes the biggest black cock down her throat. She was completely face fucked then gets fucked nice and deep in her ass. Her hole was gaped beyond imaginable and she continues to smile and take it like a good whore. Once she was done getting all her holes destroyed, she sat on the floor and took a huge load to the face.

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Black Payback Snaggletoof

She a pretty hoe. No doubt. Her hair color is a bit much tho. My bangin homies wouldn’t like that, but we don’t trip off colors. Anyway, she came through to da new spot to meet Richard. Of course he banged her back out, but one issue; her teef is jagged as fuck. Rich could barely hang. You hear em complainin about her bicuspids (I had to look up which teef those is). She still got her lil thot-throat ran thru and her pussy destroyed! Might bring this lil bopper back, when she get veneers or some ish.

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Black Payback Return Of The King

Guess who decided to stop by, after bein away for mad long? My BROTHA, Richard Mann! AKA King Dingaling! Anotha goofy white bitch came through to get her throat poked, but she didn’t expect Rich to be there! She also didn’t expect a dick THIS big! Let me say, HE DESTROYED THE BITCH! Pussy gaped, throat HAMMERED, spit all in her mouth and a bigass load on her face. This hoe was NOT ready. Must be good to be da king.

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