The Other White Meat On BlackPayback


Aggressive face fucking with a blonde bitch. Look how rough it gets as this black angry cock is force down the back of her throat repeatedly. She got destroyed good. Next he sodomized her before she took a load all over her pretty face.

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Tragic Titties On BlackPayback


Pale ass whore gets her throat stuffed with two black dicks until she chokes and makes a complete mess all over. Two brothas passed her around, taking turns destroying her throat. Then it was time to fuck her at the same time in a double penetration. She took the big black dick in her ass and another one in her pussy. She was shaking and begged for more. After all the abuse, they all nutted on her face as she sat there covered in cum for all to see.

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Debil Bitch on BlackPayback

Out of control whore thinks she’s an angel, but not with those tattoos all over her body. She is the devil acting all slick but here is Rome Major to set her straight. He dominated and humiliated her by shoving his big black dick down her throat. She is being degraded as he chokes her and slaps her on her face. After being face fucked and slapped around, he slams his dick into her pussy. Once he was done destroying her, he dumped his load to her face and dumped a bowl of her slop all over her head.

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Teaching Moments On Black Payback


This blonde whore made a mistake when she thought it was time for her to shine. She started singing her ass off then gets a cock shoved down her throat to shut her up. There was no time for that, she was humiliated and degraded as the cock showed no remorse and penetrated her skull from beginning to end. Her pussy gets stuffed too in all different angles before it was time to dump a huge load all over her face. She left singing a different tune.

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But I’m Black on BlackPayback

This white bitch thinks she’s black and claims to know how to rap. Prince Yashua shows her how it’s really done by shoving his black cock down her throat. He┬ámakes her gag so hard that she pukes her guts up all over the place. After the rough throat fucking, he slams that tight pussy of hers and she takes it like a boss! Then her face gets covered in a huge wad of jizz.

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I Have Black Friends On BlackPayback

This pasty Becky is such a whore for some black dick. She screams “I’m such a dirty fucking slut” as she orgasms after another as the black dick rams through her ass repeatedly. She’s such an obedient whore that she crawls over to lick her new master’s boots. Every position and every angle is used here, she truly hungry for dick just look at her go. Her tight cunt is then slammed hard before she takes a big cumshot on her face.

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White Devil on BlackPayback

This little white whore is such an obedient pig as she keeps her hand behind her while getting face fucked by a big black dick only because she’s not worthy to touch the prodigious black skin with her pale ass hands. Brother Prince holds her eyes open so she can witness the demise of her white superior socioeconomic status. She apologizes over and over again “I am sorry for my ancestors crimes!” By the end of the scene, she gets her face covered in a creamy load of jizz.

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Tough Cracker, Stale Cracker On BlackPayback

This white cracka bitch thinks she’s superior with her silky hair, a bachelors degree and a nice crib. Brother Rome’s ancestor came down from the heavens to whoop her ass!!! It’s like some voodoo shit. She takes the chocolate dick down her throat making her gag and make all sorts of noises. She was able to go balls deep, but then soon after she is puking up the contents of her stomach all over the dick. Then she bends over to expose her tight ass and gets fucked in the rear. Once she was done getting face fucked and smacked around, she takes a huge load of cum to the face, leaving her dripping with jizz.

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